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Grandmaster Jerson "Nene" Tortal

"Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali"

DTSKali Logo Grangmaster Jerson "Nene" TortalThe Dekiti Tirsia Siradas System is a fighting art very combative in nature with an emphasis on bladed weapons as well as impact weapons and empty hands.
It was passed to Tuhon Jerson "Nene" Tortal by his father Tuhon Balbino Tortal. It is a family combat and survival system of the Tortal family. Passed from Grandfather Norberto Tortal to his son Tuhon Segundito Tortal on to his sons Conrado, Balbino and Fransisco Tortal.
Michael and May Williams have had the privelage of training with Tuhon Jerson Tortal for nearly three decades.
Being "niece" to Tuhon, May Williams has an especially close relation to GM Tortal. Our home is his home in the United States.

Dekiti Group 2008 Philippines

Philippine Arnis (Kali) Escrima Martial Arts
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~ Guru Michael Williams, Chief Instructor Martial Arts Research Institute