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Sifu Ronald Williams

Sifu Ronald WilliamsAcupuncture and Chinese Healing Arts
Ronald J. Williams M. Ac., Lic. AC
Chinese and Japenese Acupuncture
Tui-na, Reiki & Qi Gong Therapy

The Williams Family has a long history of martial and healing arts, dating back three generations. Sifu Ronald Williams is one of the original founding partners of the Martial Arts Research Institute. Michael, Ron and evan brother Adam have been training and researching various systems of Martial Arts from a very young age. Ronald in particular has been especially interested in Chinese Martial and Healing Arts.
To this day he is actively teaching, training and still pursuing knowledge in a variety of aspects dealing with healing and Martial Arts. Sifu Williams is available for seminars and private instruction. Contact MARI for more information.

~ Guru Michael Williams, Chief Instructor Martial Arts Research Institute