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Grandmaster Edward Lebe

Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Pencak Silat
Baringin Sakti

Grandmaster Edward Lebe Official Baringin Sakti Logo

Guru Edward Lebe is the Grandmaster of Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Pencak Silat Baringin Sakti in the lineage line of:
1) Hj. Abu Zahar (Founder)
2) GM.S. Lebe ~ Specialized in Kumango & Pauh
3) Hj. Umar Machtub (Brother-in-law)
4) Guru Edward Lebe (Current Grandmaster)

The Martial Art Research Institute regularly travels with it's students to train with Grandmaster Lebe in Indonesia. MARI also hosts Grandmaster Lebe's visits to the United States. In April of 2008 MARI was designated as the Official Headquarters of Baringin Sakti in the United States. As of April 2008 Michael and May Williams are the Official East Coast Representatives of Baringin Sakti. Michael Koerner of Peoria, Arizona is the West Coast Representative to Baringin Sakti and Jon Thomas represents the Mid-Eastern United States ( Jon Thomas is probably one of Guru Lebe's earliest students in the United States going back to when Guru Lebe was the Indonesian Consulate ).
MARI is very proud to be associated with a teacher of such stature. Not only is Grandmaster Lebe a phenomenal Martial Artist but he is a great friend and a very honorable human being.


~ Guru Michael Williams, Chief Instructor Martial Arts Research Institute