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Quan Chu Xing Yi Kuntao

This style was founded in China by a scholar named Li Po Chang (1830-1900). Li Po Chang combined the "internal" styles of Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan with the regional martial styles of Shantung Quan Fa, Hokkien Quan Fa and Fukien Quan Fa. He passed his system on to Liem Ping Wan (1875-1942) who named the system "Quan Chu Xing Yi" and subsequently moved to Indonesia. He taught Bapak Willem Dethouars the basics of the system and then sent Bapak to study under his three "finished" disciples ~ Tan Tong Liong (1890-1959), Williem Chen (1900-1956) and Buk Chin (1895-1960). Bapak lived and studied with each of these three men.

Quan Chu Xing Yi Kuntao is a complex system. Elements of the system include; Pung Cha Ti (basic training), Ji Ben Zhuang Bu (fundamental stances), Shou Fa (hand drills) Tie Bi Xun Lian (arm conditioning), Tie Sha Zhang Xun Lian (palm conditioning), Ji Ben Zhuang Ti (fundamental kicks), Ji Ben Zhuang XiXian Xu (line sets), Qi Gong, Quan / Kuen (forms), Weapons and applications.

Our teachers are Bapak Willem Dethouars and Sifu / Guru Wes Tasker