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Pukulan Pentjak Silat Kendang

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Kendang from West Java is a system which was created from elements of Serak, Tjimande and other minor influences. The System was created as a means to combat the prevalent systems of that specific time period which were competing in the "Kendang Arena". The Kendang is the largest drum in the Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra as well as the name of the arena where Silat challenge matches were once fought.
Pukulan Pentjak Silat kendang is a very compact system that has only three djurus (forms). Although, within those three djurus you will find limitless applications.

Our teachers are Bapak Willem Dethouars and Guru Wes Tasker. We sincerely express our thanks to these great teachers and close friends.

Djuru Satu (form one)

The performance (pelaksanaan) of djuru satu as with the other two djurus of Kendang are executed with empty hand and with weapon. The sequence is as follows; Tangan (empty hand), Pisau Hadapan, (knife forward grip), Pisau Belakang, (knife reverse grip) and Pisau Pusing (knife switching grip). Of course with each area Djuru Buah (form application) is also required within the curriculum.

Djuru Dua (form two)

As with djuru satu, djuru dua is also performed with and without a weapon. The sequence is as follows; Tangan (empty hand) and Parang / Golok (long blade). Of course Djuru Buah (form application) is required.

Djuru Tiga (form three)

Pelaksanaan of djuru tiga is; Tangan (empty hand), Parang / Golok (long blade) and Djuru Buah (form application).