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Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas Gubaton

Oido De Caburata Arnis

Grandmasters Sabas & Abraham Gubaton of Oido De Caburata Arnis

SGM Sabas Gubaton is currently the Supreme Grandmaster of the Gubaton Lineage of Oido De Caburata Arnis. Guro May Williams has been a friend and student to Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas Gubaton her whole life. Growing up in the same Barangay as the Gubatons she has had the privilege of training with them directly. Guro May Williams is the first person to be certified in the U.S.A. by both Grandmasters and the ODCA. Her family is also very active in the study and propagation of this system.
Both Guro Michael and Guro May Williams were chosen by Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton as the persons who will carry Oido De Caburata Arnis into the 21st Century. In 2019 Both Michael and May Williams along with John Savage were given the title of Grandmaster in order to ensure the propagation and preservation of the Gubaton Family Lineage of Oido De Caburata Arnis into the future.
MARI regularly travels to the Philippines where students are able to train first hand with Grandmaster Sabas Gubaton. This is a very unique opportunity for the student.

Explanation of the Logo

The Sticks are Tula Tula which is the typical training weapon used in Oido De Caburata Arnis.
There is also included two Caburata as these are distinctive of Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton and represent his contribution to the system.
In the center is the strong image of the Karibau. This represents the inherent strength of the Oido De Caburata Arnis system and its practitioners. It is also an exemplification of the technique - Karibau Tail (unique to Oido De Caburata Arnis and mastered by Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton).
The Circle illustrates the eight directions which correspond to angles 1,2,3,4, centro and kruzada (the striking pattern of ODCA).
On the ring is the name of the system "Oido De Caburata Arnis" as the system of Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton who introduced the Caburata to the system with 1954 as that important year when this took place. Also on the ring is written Brgy. Ma-ao, Bago City - The Heart and Home of ODCA and its Grandmaster. In the center of the ring is the island of Negros Occidental - Home of this Art.
The arrows pointing in two directions on the ring of the circle represent balance and continuity of flow in motion as seen in the techniques of Oido De Caburata Arnis.

We are sad to announce that on Saturday, November 12, 2011 Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton, the Grand Patriarch of Oido De Caburata Arnis , passed away. MARI wishes to express our deepest sympathy to GM Abraham's family and give them our love and support.

Grandmaster Abraham Gubaton July 6, 1928 - November 12, 2011

Oido DeCaburata Arnis Official Logo