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Bapak Willem DeThouars
Kuntao Silat De Thouars / Kendang

Bapak Willem De Thouars has been shareing his special blend of Indonesian and Chinese martial skills with Mike and May Williams and members of the Martial Arts Research Institute since the 90's. His unselfish sharing and lifelong devotion of his arts has enhanced the quality of instruction and realism of training of our school. We sincerely express our thanks to this great man and friend.

Pukulan Pentjak Silat Kendang:

From West Java it is a system created from Serak, Tjimande and other minor influences.It was created to combat the prevalent systems of the day which competed in the Kendang arena.

The Kendang is the largest drum in the Indonesian Gamelan orchestra, as well as the name of the arena where challenge matches were fought.

The system is very compact in that it only has three forms (djurus). Of course within those three forms are limitless applications. The djurus are done with Tangan (hand), Pisau (knife) and Golok (blade).

The system is one of the many Silat and Kuntao systems that are taught in the Kuntao Silat De Thouars Organization.

~ Guru Michael Williams, Chief Instructor Martial Arts Research Institute