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Adult Private Classes

MARI offers private classes as well as group classes.
Private classes are good for those students who have regular scheduling conflicts with our posted group schedule. Note that students who schedule their private class with another training partner will benefit by having someone to "drill" with during the session. Although this is not required as MARI's Guros do drill with the students, it is usually beneficial to the student.
Privates can be arranged with any of our Guros and can be based on any variety of systems our Guros have trained in. Generally though, classes will follow the curriculum schedule set up by the school administration unless otherwise arranged.

Due to Availability of Private Space, private classes are arranged through the office with Guro Mike or Guro May. Availability is very limited.

Filipino - Indonesian Martial Arts
Kali - Silat

Curriculum changes every 6 months. There will be an evaluation at the end of each 6 month cycle. Upon successful completion the student will receive a certificate.